Batting, it’s as easy as ABC. Skip the math, buy the bolt!

Now you can have Hobbs Bonded Fibers at the best price in Canada right here in Calgary, Alberta. As a locally created company we source, ship and distribute Hobbs Bonded Fibers with the most competitive prices on the market. As quilters we wanted access to the best batting with the most affordable cost; we found it, and now we want to share this secret with the rest of the Canadian quilting scene. Hobbs Bonded Fibers is the best product on the market by far, and now you can have it too!

It’s as simple as ABC. 

We created a system to get you the best possible product as close to your home as we can get. We offer three ways to access this great product:

  1. Pick up orders in SE Calgary
  2. Shipped right to your door.
  3. Pop up shops all across Alberta. Alberta Batting Company will occasionally pop up for an afternoon at your local quilting center so you can easily pick up this batting near your own community.

Orders may be placed by email at