Founder of ABC

Vanecea Greene has been an established quilter in Calgary for 30 years. She is a self taught quilter with the help of the quilting section at the public library. Her style is best defined by modern fabrics and finishing techniques and every quilt teaches her something new. She enjoys the challenge each quilt has, even when she’s ripping out every stitch to start over again, a struggle we quilters know all too well! Seven years ago she started shifting her passion of quilting to working on a long arm quilting machine. Through trial and error over 2000 hours she now calls this her favorite form of quilting. Vanecea is the proud member of two established quilting guilds in Calgary, Alberta; The Quilted Mouse and The Calgary Long Arm Guild, a local community she’s proud to be an active member in!
Vanecea’s award winning work has been shown in magazines, The Calgary Stampede, Calgary Quilters Association, along with many other quilting shows. She was the honored Quilter of Distinction for 2018 at Heritage Parks Festival of Quilts. When she’s not in her studio working on her next ambitious projects or commissioned work, she loves to teach local quilters different techniques in quilting and long-arming. As Vanecea would say, “Quilting is an opportunity to inspire and encourage other quilters to try something new and exciting – step out of your box, it’s ok to fail!” She doesn’t shy away from displaying her best and worst projects because both have something beautiful to learn from.
Vanecea’s latest endeavor has been through a partnership with the Even Start Foundation, right here in Calgary. This is an organization that focuses their efforts towards at-risk children. She pledged a quilt for every child in the program, all 167 of them. Though the help of the Calgary quilting community and many generous donations of fabric, this pledge was met and then some! Vanecea is honored to spear head this pledge every year.
As an avid quilter Vanecea knows the importance of great batting and has used Hobbs batting for years. With ABC, now quilters of all stages can get this great batting right here in Alberta for the best prices in Canada!
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