Hobbs Bonded Fibers

The following is from the Hobbs Batting website. For more on Hobbs Batting, check out http://www.hobbsbatting.com.

The Hobbs Batting Tradition of Excellence

Hobbs has manufactured high-quality quilt batting for both home and commercial quilters since 1978.

We’re proud to come from a family of quilters and are committed to providing you with the same high-quality batting we provide our own family of quilters.

At Hobbs Batting, we never forget that a quilt is a gift from the heart. Each quilt is an expression of love, commitment, artistry and caring for a specific recipient.

And input from quilters like you provides us with the inspiration for more product advancements and refinement.

We’re committed to doing our part to enhance your #JoyofQuilting

Because Hobbs Bonded Fibers offers diverse applications within the fiber industry, we research and develop fiber technologies for the automotive, aerospace, healthcare and military industries that lead to innovation in the quilt batting industry. Hobbs manufactures a complete line of quilt batting. Our broad production platform brings fibers to market well ahead of their time, leading to a better quality product and a more enjoyable quilting experience for you.

Hobbs Bonded Fibers has been committed to quilters and the quilting arts since 1978. By staying in constant contact with our customers, we strive to be the highest quality provider of quilt batting and the industry leader in product development. Your feedback at quilt shows, on our website, and on our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter pages continues to help us develop a wide array of premium products.

Hobbs manufactures the most complete line of quilt batting in the industry.  Our diverse manufacturing processes allow us to have capabilities that are the most sophisticated in our industry, thus guaranteeing the finest quality and service possible.

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